• My Motherland – Belarus! My City – My Love!My Motherland – Belarus! My City – My Love!
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  • My Motherland – Belarus! My City – My Love!My Motherland – Belarus! My City – My Love!
  • My Motherland – Belarus! My City – My Love!My Motherland – Belarus! My City – My Love!
  • My Motherland – Belarus! My City – My Love!My Motherland – Belarus! My City – My Love!
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About city

Baranovichi is a young, rapidly developing city, one of the largest industrial and cultural centers of Belarus. Its origin is connected with the construction of the Moscow-Brest railway. The beginning of the city was laid by a small station of this road, commissioned in November 1871, which received its name from one of the nearby villages. The official date of birth of the city is November 28, 1871.

From the time of the beginning of the 20th century, several old buildings have been preserved in the city – the excise department, the Laevsky pharmacy (a pharmacy museum is open in it), a fire station with a tower, a Polish bank, several buildings of the Razvadovsky estate, a hotel (a medical school building), famous for the fact that the writer Sholom Aleichem once stayed there. The island of the primeval forest, which became the "Old Park", and the old paving stones on Sovetskaya Street have also been preserved. All these fragments of urban history are dear to the residents of Baranovichi, they are written about, told about, studied and carefully guarded…

The list of historical and cultural monuments of the city of Baranovichi includes 145 objects. Monuments and memorials are associated with various periods in the history of the region or are dedicated to notable countrymen and famous personalities.

The State List of Historical and Cultural Values of the Republic of Belarus includes 17 objects: 9 architectural monuments, 6 historical objects, 2 objects of art.

The favorable geographical location contributes to the fact that Baranovichi is developing as a major road and railway junction (destinations to Poland, Russia, the Baltic States, Ukraine). Not far from the city there are unique sights of Belarus: the Nesvizh Palace and Park Ensemble, the Mir Castle, the Puslovsky Palace, the Zhirovichi Monastery, places sung by Adam Mickiewicz and Yakub Kolos.

Our city occupies the 8th place in the republic in terms of population - 175 thousand people, including more than 38 thousand young people.

Baranovichi actively participate in the twinning movement and have long been related to the cities of Russia, Austria, Poland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Italy, Sweden, Serbia, China… In total, Baranovichi has 23 sister cities from 13 countries.

More than 195 industrial enterprises, including 27 large ones, operate in Baranovichi.

The city-forming enterprises are the branch of Atlant CJSC Baranovichi Machine Tool Plant, JSC 558 Aviation Repair Plant, JSC Baranovichi Cotton Production Association, JSC Baranovichkhleboprodukt, UP Baranovichi Furniture Factory Laguna, Baranovichi branch of the Belarusian Railway.

It should be noted that Baranovichi is the only national manufacturer of compressors for refrigerators, cotton fabrics, technological equipment for catering enterprises. Trade and economic cooperation is conducted with more than 60 countries of the world. Private unitary enterprises are successfully developing. The products of private enterprises engaged in the production of furniture are in great demand among the population of Belarus and foreign countries ("Laguna", "Timber", "Yavid").

The sphere of trade and household services to the population is actively developing. In Baranovichi there are 46 preschool institutions, a lyceum, 5 gymnasiums, 16 schools, 3 institutions of additional education, UO "Baranovichi State College of Light Industry named after V.E.Chernyshov", UO "Baranovichi Technological College of Belkoopsoyuz", UO "Baranovichi State College of Music", UO "Baranovichi State College of Technology and Design", UO "Baranovichi State College of Builders", UO "Baranovichi State College of Mechanical Engineering". The special pride of the city is the educational institution "Baranovichi State University", opened in 2004.

In Baranovichi there are more than 30 large medical institutions, therapeutic and preventive adult and children's polyclinics, women's consultations and city hospitals, the sanatorium "Magistralny" and the sanatorium "Chabarok", a wide network of public and private pharmacies. A wide network of physical culture and sports facilities has been created in the city: 5 swimming pools operate, 9 sports schools operate, in which 18 sports are cultivated. There is an ice palace, a football club "Baranovichi", a hockey club "Tekstilshchik", there is a stadium with artificial turf for playing field hockey "Dubovo-sport", a youth park "Nathnenyya Peramogai" with a playground for street gymnastics and skateboarding, a roller ski track and an Alley of Lovers.

A network of cultural institutions is widely developed: 6 art schools (3 musical, choral, choreographic and artistic), the State Institution "Baranovichi City House of Culture", the State Institution "Palace of Culture of Baranovichi", the cinema "October", the Museum of Local lore with an exhibition hall, a centralized library system. Amateur groups are known far beyond the borders of the republic: "Fest", ballroom dance ensemble "Fiesta", dance ensembles "Holiday" and "Cool kids", "Youth", "Yurochka", "Lyalki". The city's holiday "Baranovichi Spring", the international wind music festival "Belarusian Fanfare", "St. Bulba" and others have become traditional. Baranovichi are open for cooperation and welcome guests!
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